Who We Are

A Non-Profit NGO Dedicated To The Upliftment Of The Less Fortunate Souls Of The Society.

As our logo imbibes the spirit of a helping hand, we at We Care Charitable Trust, extend our warm hand and a beating heart to those who are fighting their battle of survival and existence, be it a Widow who has lost her husband, a Divorcee who is become the victim of circumstances, or Children who are orphaned by sheer badluck, or a patient who has been afflicted by disease, a Student who cannot attend School/University for the want of fees and books - They all have the right to live with Dignity and Respect, sustain and survive the onslaught of Nature's Design and realize their dreams and aspirations.
It is in this direction that we at the Trust are placing our best foot forward, trying earnestly and sincerely to bring cheer to their hearts and a smile on their face and live life in a Dignified way.
We serve irrespective of Class, Color, or Creed - It is just based on "Humanity, Compassion, and Emancipation, Nothing Less and Nothing More..."
We feel lucky and the chosen one that Almighty has selected us to reach unto them.


A happy, healthy, respected and honored society that smiles and celebrate humanity


To collectively put our best feet forward for the less fortunate souls of our society which eventually seeks to realize their dreams and aspirations
To hope for change – for a better tomorrow
To make people discover their potential for action and change
To enable each and every individual of different strata, to breathe in a society enlightened with education, free of financial shackles, healthy values, and dignified existence

Why Choose Us?

We don’t take commission or any fees. Your donation goes directly to support the Needy.

We are having a team of hardworking and dedicated volunteers, volunteers dedicate themselves for every noble cause and work with the humble intention to get accepted by Almighty.

You can donate us for any of the causes through different channels of online donation whichever is feasible – Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets, Net-banking, etc.

Become A Volunteer

Help us by becoming a Volunteer to help the community, society and country at large.



Alhamdolillah Appreciation letter received from MLA Geeta Jain of Mira Bhayander for distribution of Ration kits during the period of Pandemic COVID-19